Photography has the power to tell a story in an instant. High quality photographic content will capture your audience immediately, creating that crucial first impression. Show your audience who you are and what you have to offer with professional images. Read on to understand the importance of brand photography for your business and gain great tips to make your business visuals stand out.

What is Brand Photography?

Brand photographs are bespoke, professional images that visually embody your business. They are a crucial component in creating a distinctive visual brand identity. This should be consistent with colours, mood, and tone of your branding. For instance, a business that uses light pastel tones in logos and graphics should follow this through in their photography.

Stock images have their place. But when it comes to showing off what makes your business unique, they just won’t cut it. You should use a variety of tailor-made photos to keep your business looking fresh and current across all of your marketing platforms. This can include images of your team at work, headshots, products/services, processes, and anything that makes your business unique.


of consumers trust brands that produce custom content, compared to generic content (Venngage)

Unique photographic content humanises your brand and will make you feel more authentic and trustworthy. It will help you to build a stronger connection with customers and will encourage more interaction with your content.  Unique visual content is particularly important for your social media strategy, where visual content can generate much stronger engagement than text-only content.

Take a look at popular clothing brand, Levi’s, Instagram feed.

They have a clear and established brand which presents itself coherently across all platforms. The use of blue and white or neutral tones in their photography harks back to the brand’s origins and its signature denim, whilst also reflecting their contemporary, casual aesthetic.

5 Top Tips for Picture Perfect Brand Photos

Smartphones have turned us all into photographers. But what does it really take to produce good brand photos for your business? Here are some of our top tips to guarantee success…

  1. Ask the Professionals. Work collaboratively with a professional photographer to create personalised, on-brand images. They will utilise their technical and creative skills to produce the best visuals for you.
  2. Quality over Quantity. Be mindful of what you share on social media, regularly assess what performs well and keep your content interesting. Read here for information on image sizes for social media.
  3. Keep it Consistent. Your photography needs to be consistent across all mediums, including online, advertising, print, sales and more. Stick to your brand guidelines to maintain your visual identity.
  4. Pair with Written Content. Maximise the impact of your photos with expertly crafted written content to boost engagement.
  5. Go Bespoke. Original graphics perform best for reaching marketing goals at 40%. Not only should your visual branding be uniform, but it also needs to authentically connect with your brand message/values.


of consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand (adweek)

How to Get Started

In need of some clear direction? It can be difficult to know where to begin. These straightforward points will steer you in the right direction.

  1. Understand your brand and the target audience. What appeals to them? What content results in the highest engagement? Ensure your market research is thorough to get the best outcome.
  2. Create a mood board full of inspiration. Work with your team to produce several options before going to a photographer. What style are you going for? What does the brand visually represent? Pinterest is a great free source for this.
  3. Find a skilled brand photographer. Ask for recommendations from other business owners or browse on Google for local photographers. Be sure to check out their portfolio and if it appeals to you, get in touch, and share your ideas.

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