Briefed _

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council reached out to us to design and deliver a training day for the Council’s marketing and communications teams. Workforce Development Officer Stuart Hastings had been asked by his team to arrange this. His team wanted to improve the readability of their content and increase online engagement. They were particularly interested in learning to use Snapchat as a way of connecting with a younger audience.

Stuart was very clear that he wanted the training to be interactive, which is why he sought out Creative Quills. We designed the day around practical exercises, thought-provoking discussion points and collaborative group activities.

Delivered _

  • Marketing training
  • Social media training
  • Content writing training

One of the day’s key themes was tailoring messaging to the council’s target audience. Tom demonstrated how to create client personas and set marketing objectives. The participants then used the personas to inform real social media posts.

Creative Quills had rounded up examples of good social media posts from other Councils, which were analysed and discussed. A lively debate about community engagement resulted in the participants pitching competition ideas which could be promoted on social media.

Marieke took the lead in demonstrating Snapchat. The team had a lot of fun with the filters, which even spilled over into the lunch break. They also designed geofilters in groups, to be used to advertise local events.

The content writing section began with tips on writing impactful headlines and finding sources of inspiration. We introduced helpful tools, such as a headline analyser and a project management platform. The day culminated in the creation of a new content plan on a worksheet, so that everyone had something actionable to take away.

Achieved _

The sixteen participants came out of the training enthused, talking about what they could do in the future using their newfound skills. A Council survey taken on the day found that all the participants agreed that the training successfully covered relevant materials and increased their confidence. They felt more secure in their ability to reach their target audience, use social media effectively and write more engaging content. In a post-training survey sent out a month later, all respondents said they were able to use what they learnt in the training on the job.

Quoted _

‘Very interesting and informative’

‘Brilliant, practical and engaging course’

‘Very well-presented course, interesting content. Excellent delivery’