Briefed _

South East Creatives is a dynamic programme that provides grants and support to creative businesses in the South East of England. As an EU-funded programme, the aim was to develop local talent through business support. We were brought in to help grow the project to its full potential and establish its place within the vibrant local creative economy.

Due to the large number of local stakeholders, there was a need for marketing coordination as well as delivery. Creative Quills coordinated the marketing campaign with an emphasis on social media engagement. We were also brought in to facilitate a series of workshops, webinars, and mentoring sessions for creatives on the programme.

Delivered _

  • Strategy and project coordination
  • Social media marketing
  • Workshop and webinar facilitation
  • Mentoring

Creative Quills were brought in by Rachel Brown from SPACE Studios, who hold a contract for programme delivery and marketing of South East Creatives. In late 2019, we met with stakeholders and developed a strategy for the management of the project. We recommended a clear focus on visual content and social media to attract creative clients. Building a significant social media following from the ground up, we engaged regional businesses, promoted workshop and training initiatives, and showcased the incredible projects made possible by South East Creatives support.

Additionally, the programme brought us in to deliver marketing training directly to South East Creative beneficiaries. The first workshop explored target audiences, buyer personas and the types of content most likely to generate leads within creative business. Following its success, we delivered a webinar exploring the fundamentals of effective website content and ways to increase online traffic. Participants were also able take part in a mentorship programme and received content marketing training on a one-to-one basis.

In 2020, we advised on their COVID-19 response, outlining key measures to put in place to continue their activities. With our support, the programme signposted key organisations and support services, moved their own workshop offering online, and refocused their grant scheme to support affected businesses.

Achieved _

The South East Creatives programme has been a huge success. To date, they have awarded more than 80 grants and supported over 75 creative businesses and freelancers through their workshop sessions. Strategic support from the Creative Quills team helped give the programme direction, particularly during the challenging circumstances of pandemic. Our coordination of marketing activities delivered sustained growth to their social media presence, increasing their reach and, as a result, helping more creative businesses on the path to success.

Quoted _

“Creative Quills have been a pleasure to work with, they are personable and professional. The social media presence for the programme has gone from strength to strength under their management, growth rates are high and the programme is gaining traction. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Rachel Brown, ERDF Programme Lead, South East Creatives

Photo below courtesy of Levin Haegele