Briefed _

A specialist in crafting unique buildings on land and water, our client wanted to create new leads by connecting with commercial architects working around the Thames Valley. The objective was to partner with them on floating and amphibious projects. Although our client is an innovator in a space that has huge potential, he needed messaging that would entice prospective partners to consider the advantages of this new way of working.

We recommended a targeted direct marketing strategy, designed to surprise, inform and delight potential partners. Of course, as our client was a craftsman speaking to architects, the design had to be immaculate.

Delivered _

  • Discovery session
  • Targeted messaging
  • Case studies
  • Printed marketing content

We facilitated an introduction to a specialist design agency and worked closely with them to articulate a complex and technical offering in a simple and compelling way. It was decided that a beautiful, bespoke giftbox would be the ideal offering for the architects we were targeting. By including case studies in the box, we could combine striking visuals with informative content.

We crafted tailored messaging that addresses architects’ pain points and positions our client as the solution. We collaborated with the designer throughout the process to ensure the written content and the giftbox reflected the concept agreed with our client. Our messaging encouraged interaction with the box and its contents – down to crafting a unique poem that presented the artisan biscuits and tea held inside.

Achieved _

200 bespoke boxes were created, each containing a custom folded leaflet that featured our client’s most innovative case studies. These were delivered to a select group of commercial architects. The response has been wholly positive. The project has allowed our client to connect with the architects we decided to target. We were able to impress prospective partners with the beauty of his projects, and the value of his ethos. This has already led to discussions over several new amphibious buildings.