Briefed _

Colbea, enterprise and business support agency in Essex, were tasked with funding a new training programme for businesses. Their Change & Grow programme is a 3-step online training course to help develop and improve attendees’ business activities.

Colbea had fixed targets for the online sessions. They needed a great local delivery partner to help sign-ups put their skills and learning into practice. With pre-set titles, we developed our own custom content for their audience.

Delivered _

  • Creation of engaging presentations
  • A series of online workshops

Over several months, Creative Quills delivered custom workshops on creativity, building effective teams, sales, and marketing. We created engaging, informative presentations to encourage interactivity in each session.

Subject experts within our team presented the workshops to a range of local entrepreneurs who were looking to develop their business. Our social platforms were used to reach out to potential attendees, generating interest and sign-ups.

Our creativity workshops were a highlight. Within these workshops, we explored techniques to help entrepreneurs look at daily challenges with a fresh perspective – delving into ways of unlocking a creative mindset, creating space for innovative ideas, and creativity through collaboration. The webinars gave attendees the means to tap into their creativity and use it for their businesses.

Achieved _

Our sessions helped attendees to learn new skills and insights, explore techniques, gain confidence, and overcome business challenges. Our sessions for the Change & Grow programme were a success, receiving great responses from the attendees, and client satisfaction from Colbea.

Quoted _

“Creative Quills brought divergent skillsets and perspectives to the table, and each workshop was carried out in a way that never felt generic. The team’s work to engage with every ‘student’ is a reflection of their professional work which is inherently creative and people orientated!”

Seb Marshall, Videographer, Change & Grow attendee

“Change & Grow was a great platform to increase confidence within the corporate world. The webinars were all packed full of insightful information, which was presented creatively, and the presenters were all approachable and encouraging.”

Change & Grow attendee