Briefed _

RoleCatcher are an on a mission to shake up the job application process and put candidates back in charge. As a new HR tech start-up, they needed their website to make a splash when their platform launched. Creative Quills set them on course for success by revamping their web content, creating content for a new landing page video, and delivering a series of blog articles.

Delivered _

  • Website copy
  • Video script
  • Brand development

Our project with RoleCatcher began at the start of their business journey. This meant working from the ground up to build a strong brand identity and message. As disruptors in their industry, the client wanted to establish a clear voice. They needed content to boldly introduce who they are, what they do, and why it matters. In our strategy sessions, we cut through the technical jargon and hit on the platform’s core benefits: It saves time, reduces stress, and puts candidates in control or their job search.

These benefits became the central focus of the landing page content and design. We also introduced a subtle nautical theme to unify their brand image and introduce a playful tone. Continuing this theme, we produced the content for an animated video to bring the RoleCatcher mission to life. We led storyboarding sessions to develop the concept and then created the script. We worked closely with animator Jamie Glasse to ensure the video embodied the RoleCatcher brand. Finally, we put together a unique series of blog posts to capture their audience’s interest. These included an in-depth look at the psychology of job search stress and an article debunking common recruitment myths.

Achieved _

RoleCatcher now have a dynamic, user-friendly website that reflects them as an innovative, scaling business. Through our close collaboration, we were able to build a stronger, more coherent, and clearly recognisable brand identity and style. The client was delighted with the outcome and feels well-equipped to tackle the next phase of their journey.

Quoted _

“This has been a stunning, exceptional collection of work. As a new business owner, so much of this experience has been new to me. Creative Quills were extremely patient and accommodating and really guided us through the process. I couldn’t be happier with the result!”

James Fogg, CEO and Founder of RoleCatcher



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