We’re a curious bunch who love to learn _

About you. Your goals. Your values. About the problems only you can solve.

We’re immersed in B2B and tech communities. We elevate the innovators, the disrupters, the early-adopters. All those who champion change.

We call the Knowledge Gateway at the University of Essex our home. This research and development hub is a beacon for pioneers – a community at the cutting edge. There are amazing stories throughout the East of England. We want to tell them all.

We see the bigger picture. Connect the dots. We make the technical accessible and engage the right people.

We make an impact with clever content marketing. You’ve got goals. We’ll help you achieve them.

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Meet the team _

Tom Broome

Creative Director

For our founder, Tom, effective content comes from a deep understanding of our clients. His greatest asset is his business insight, with his energy and creativity influencing both national and global campaigns.

Steph Humphries

Strategic Director

Steph’s focused, analytical approach turns our clients’ aspirations into effective content strategies. By embracing their complexities, she consistently delivers excellent results. Her vision is instrumental in driving our business forward.

Marieke Sjerps

Head of Content Writing

The leader of our writing team, Marieke unites the rigour of her academic training with the imagination of a science fiction writer. She sets and controls the quality for our content, ensuring it is engaging, insightful and achieves our clients’ objectives.

Tim Hammett

Business Growth Advisor

Tim is a highly experienced business practitioner using his experience, knowledge and skills to help us manage our business for growth. His market insights and financial management support ensure we stay on track and deliver results.