Do you want experts on your side? _

Reaching the right people is not down to luck. Our team works with you to identify the audience that can grow your organisation. Our strategic content informs, inspires and influences them.

We have assembled a team of expert strategists and writers to work alongside you. From building the foundations of your brand to connecting with industry leaders, your ambition guides our work.

Meet the team _

Tom Broome

Creative Director

For our founder, Tom, finding an effective marketing strategy comes from a deep understanding of our clients. His greatest asset is his business insight, with his energy and creativity influencing both national and global campaigns.

Dr Marieke Sjerps

Head of Content

The leader of our writing team, Marieke unites the rigour of her academic background with the imagination of a science fiction writer. She sets and controls the quality for our content, ensuring it is engaging, insightful and achieves our clients’ objectives.

Emilia Dawson

Content Writer

Language enthusiast Emilia is a perfectionist with a devotion to writing. She studies English Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex and loves to experiment in different genres. Her primary focus is to cover world issues and raise awareness for unspoken matters.

Andreea Toma

Content Writer

Andreea is an enthusiastic International Relations student whose love for writing makes her determined to perform to the highest possible standard. She uses writing as a way of learning and sharing knowledge. Andreea likes to tackle ideas from a fresh perspective, whether she’s treating age-old questions or emerging technology.

Shannon McGuigan

Social Media and Marketing

Shannon studies Modern Languages at the University of Essex. She has a passion for designing multimedia content. Shannon supports Creative Quills by researching a range of social and commercial platforms, helping us get the most out of our online activities.