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Briefed _

Ahead of the Curve: Fiercely protective of their status as the UK’s number one independent cruise specialist, ROL Cruise have always worked hard to keep ahead of their competitors. Customers who book with them can attest to the quality of their service, and word of mouth plays a huge part in their success. But in an industry plagued by repetition and plagiarism, ROL Cruise chose to be the exception. By asking us to craft unique, enticing content for their attractive new brand and website, they would remain unrivalled.

Delivered _

Quality Meets Quantity: The ROL Cruise website is expansive, yet beautifully and simply designed. Our task was to write fresh, engaging content for over 200 cruise ship description pages, each requiring a distinctive company voice. Each ship needed to tell a unique story of its own, yet we were tasked with creating continuity between them. Our brief was to seduce and inspire, evoking emotions in keeping with the ROL brand guidelines.

Achieved _

Teamwork and Deadlines: Working tirelessly alongside the committed ROL marketing team, we accomplished perhaps our most challenging deadline to date. A race to the finish that could only be achieved through the seamless collaboration between ourselves and the client, the website was launched as planned, and on time. The rebrand has seen ROL pull away from the competition as unopposed leaders in their market. The project is one that will continue to evolve and expand, and we look forward to continuing to play a part in that growth.


‘Working with Creative Quills has been a pleasure. They understood our requirements and need for accurate and original content, delivering within a tight time frame and to budget’

Rosie Weir, ROL Cruise

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